Friday 6 July 2012

Iron Sky Inspired 28mm Nazi officers


So after working as a Digital Artist on the 'Iron Sky' movie I thought it might be nice to make some 28mm Nazi trooper conversions.

I'm a big fan of movie props and environments in general but this film has such a nice style to it. I've been hunting around the internet  for some basic troopers and officers and found these guys, they arrived yesterday.

The troopers are missing the gas mask, back packs, weapons and various other parts but I've found a few places that supply these items for me to cannibalise and mount on the base miniatures.

< Here is one example of some mini's with gas masks, notice the filter is on the side of the mask :o)
I'll probably go for something like this, file down the nose area and make the stylish trooper helmet out of plastic card.

This is the style of painting I'm going
for, (from left to right). The rest of the mini's can be generic troopers and scouts.

(1) Officer - Wolfgang Kortzfleisch 

(4) Officer - Wolfgang Kortzfleisch  

< Some other generic troopers with longer coats and  potential space dog

Check out the Renate Richter lookalikes

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